Experience of use Hondrogel

Elena, who has leg joint problems, shared with us the experience of using the gel in the exam. According to the woman, she found a remedy that worked better for her than any known drug.

Elena from Vilnius used gel to treat arthritis of the thumb

"I have had flat feet my whole life. My foot is medium in size, but rather thin and there is absolutely no elevation on it. Choosing the right shoes for me is another story, as it is difficult to find. good models for my height and fullness of feet, I have to be content with trying to choose shoes with soles, because with my flat feet it is much more comfortable to walk on, I try not to wearmodels with flat soles, but I have realized this only now, after suffering from arthritis of the big toe.

Thumb arthritis appeared after wearing ballet flats

Once I bought myself some ballet flats. Not that I really liked them, but they looked perfect with my casual clothes. I didn't think about putting a special sole inside, although with my flat feet it should have been done first. I walk a lot so the problems didn't take long.

About a week later, my big toe started to hurt. I didn't understand what was going on, I was walking as before, but I felt the pain getting stronger and stronger. One of the days I spent at home it got a little better, but the weekdays came and I had to go to work. The whole toe was already incredibly sore and a little swollen. I started to limp and went to the doctor right after work.

The surgeon examined my finger, asked me about any injuries, I said there was nothing. Then he drew attention to my foot and the shoes I was wearing. He said it could be an inflammation of the big toe joint from wearing the wrong shoes for me.

He sent me in for a check-up, and yes, the arthritis was confirmed. In this case, the hospital was not invoked, the doctor advised physiotherapy, some drugs and folk remedies such as urine treatment.

Hondrogel seemed to me the most reliable gel

Elena applied Hondrogel 2-3 times a day

At home, I began to study the medications he was prescribing for me. I checked each one on the internet and Hondrogel caught my eye. I liked that the manufacturer promised a cooling effect - this is exactly what I needed, because the thumb joint was swollen and hot like boiling water.

The goods were delivered to me at the post office near my house the day after the order was placed. On the packaging I read in detail how to use the product, there was no difficulty with the application. I applied the cooling gel in a sachet three times a day to my joint and gave it a light massage.

Relief came immediately, but the effect was short lived at first. After two days, my joint felt much better. The swelling was gone, the finger was no longer hot, but it still hurt a little. The arthritis was completely gone after 5 days. Several times I used Hondrogel to consolidate the effect, but it was no longer necessary, I felt my joint was normal.

Restoration of joint tissue and pain relief with Hondrogel gel is achieved quickly and easily. I don't know how other drugs work, but I think this gel is one of the best. The release form has a big plus - the small sachets are very convenient to carry. There is practically no smell, the gel penetrates very quickly and does not leave oily stains.

I recommend Hondrogel gel to anyone with the same problem as me. This remedy will surely help relieve pain, swelling and restore joint function. "